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Cabinet Refacing

Have you ever wanted to wave a magic wand and give your old kitchen and bathroom a sleek, modern look? 

Well you can, usually in less than three days and for half of what you'd expect to pay.  If your kitchen layout is fine and the old boxes structurally sound, you should consider refacing instead of replacing and save a ton of money.

Refacing means keeping what’s good and changing only the exteriors – the doors, drawer fronts, side panels and exposed trim.  Everything else remains intact.

For a fraction of the cost of tearing out and replacing, you can transform your kitchen and bathroom with zero fuss and minimal downtime. 

From an environmental perspective it’s the green thing to do.  Your old doors are recycled and nothing goes to the landfill.

Makeover Magic

When the job is finished the results are truly amazing, and with the savings new countertops, appliances and flooring and fixtures are suddenly affordable.

You can choose from BC hardwoods or today’s manmade polymers in virtually any style and colour of your choice: traditional raised panel or Shaker on the one hand, bold and contemporary on the other.

Exact measurements are taken and new doors, drawer fronts and panels custom-sized to your specifications.  Manufacturer warranties are five years in duration.

Older cupboards with exposed hinges can be given a sleek, seamless look by ordering larger doors that cover the face frames and changing to concealed European hardware.

The creative touches needn’t stop there.  With the money left over you can opt for a vertical pantry, roll-out shelves or pot drawers that won’t have you bending like a pretzel to access the lower cabinets.
Buying & Selling

Realtors agree that kitchens and bathrooms can make or break the sale.  Just be sure you get the quote in writing.  You don’t need costly surprises after the fact.  Deal with a company that specializes in refacing and make sure everything is spelled out in the Scope of Work section of their proposal.

Refacing sounds simple but there is zero tolerance for error.  Professionally refaced kitchens look new and that’s as it should be.  However, be aware that some big kitchen contractors would rather see you start over from scratch.  Ask yourself if it really makes sense to incur twice the downtime and triple the cost while sending equity to the landfill. 

Finally, when looking for a company who specializes in refacing, ask if they build islands and vertical pantries.  That way you’re not locked solely into what you’ve got, you can make functional changes as well.

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